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Le Creuset Kitchen Utensils

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The Revolution Jar Scraper, Revolution Small Spatula, Revolution Medium Spatula, Revolution Large Spatula, Revolution Spatula Spoon, Revolution Basting Brush, Revolution Left-handed Sauté Spoon and Right-handed Sauté Spoon have all received the Ease-of-Use Commendation.

INNOVATIVE WOODEN HANDLES - Each of the revolutionary utensils features a sculpted wooden handle produced with an exclusive 18-step manufacturing process. Three unique features distinguish the groundbreaking design:

• elliptical handle shaping that extends the entire length of each wooden handle, encouraging a comfortable grip while preventing rotation and resistance while mixing

• push/pull handle design, a detail inspired by French hunting knives, increases control and provides a tactile stop whether pushing or pulling

• signature grip rings that provide additional control as well as quick orientation to each utensil’s optimal grip zone

SMARTER, TASK-INSPIRED SILICONE HEADS - the silicone heads of Le Creuset’s new kitchen utensils pair bold aesthetics with bold design. Highly effective, task-driven details distinguish the utensils:

• task-specific design elements include a convenient spatula spoon with deep bowl, a basting brush with bristles inspired by an artist’s brush, four unique spatulas with straight and curved edges and notches that function as rim swipes, and the Sauté spoon especially made for both righties and lefties.

• innovative strike zone, an extended silicone collar that extends slightly down each handle, protects enameled cookware and mixing bowl rims

• premium silicone construction makes stirring and folding possible even in high heats, while also ensuring durable, long-lasting quality

Reviewer Comments

“Very good weight and size!”

“It’s easy to use – it’s the right size.”

“Easy to hold!”

Le Creuset Kitchen Utensils