Your Coverage & Care
Your Coverage & Care
Understanding Health Coverage

Understanding Health Coverage

Whether you are newly insured or thinking about switching plans, it’s important to understand all your options for health coverage, how to get access to the medications you need and identify which insurance plan will work best for your arthritis care and your budget.

Managing Arthritis Costs: Key Terms You Should Know

Get started with these terms to increase your knowledge about health insurance, medical billing and financial tools.

Commercial and Employer Plans

These plans are managed by a private insurer for your employer or managed by your employer. You can also access these plans directly from an insurer through their website.

Health Exchange Plans

These plans are governed by the Affordable Care Act. However, they are managed by private insurers.

Government-Funded Plans

The federal government provides health coverage either through its own programs, in partnership with states or with private insurers.

Understanding Formularies

A formulary is the approved list of generic and brand name prescription drugs covered by a major medical health plan. Before you choose a health plan, check the list to find out if your drugs are covered and under which tier.

Glossary of Health Care and Insurance Terms

These are some commonly used health coverage and medical terms and definitions. This is not a complete list and should be used for general information purposes only. Your insurance plan documents may use variations of these terms.

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