Become a leader or instructor to plan and lead quality Arthritis Foundation classes for people with arthritis. Review the Position Descriptions and Statement of Understanding  for more information on each program.

Position Descriptions

Aquatic | Exercise | Tai Chi | Walk With Ease

Statement of Understandings

Aquatic | Exercise | Tai Chi | Walk With Ease 


Attend an Arthritis Foundation Instructor Training to become certified to teach the Arthritis Foundation fitness programs.  Each certification has it's own training and requirements.  Please see the training calendar for registration details and training information.



Customizable marketing materials are available to promote your classes.  Brochures, flyers, and press releases are available for each program. Please complete the order form to order the brochures, books and other materials from our office.  All other materials can be downloaded below. 

Customizable Program Flyers

AquaticExercise | Tai Chi | Walk With Ease

Press Releases

Aquatic | Exercise | Walk With Ease | All Programs for Better Living

Program Descriptions for class calendars

Short Versions

Long Versions

Brochures - available for purchase through the Arthritis Foundation 

AquaticExercise | Tai Chi | Walk With Ease



After you have completed your instructor training requirement and you have taught your first six classes you are ready to send in your Certification Application and receive your certificate!  Here are the forms you need to complete:

Quarterly Report Forms   

The Arthritis Foundation is working in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to show how many people benefit from our programs. We rely on the quarterly attendance reports from our partners to measure program growth and to ensure continued federal support. Please use the Participant Release and Program Information Forms each quarter for each class you offer. See the instructions for more information.

 Arthritis Foundation Certification Application


Begin teaching your program in your community and offer all the Arthritis Foundation resources to your participants.  More detailed information will be sent with your certificate, but here are forms you can use in your classes.

Do you need to get more information on a specific type of arthritis or are your participants asking for more information?  If so you can fill out an Educational Material Request Form and return it to the Mississippi Arthritis Foundation office for fulfillment.  Your information will come to your house in just a few weeks!

Other Resources:

 Arthritis Foundation E-Advocate Sign-up Sheet

Arthritis Ambassador Sign-up Sheet

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