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Facet joint

A connection point between vertebrae. These joints keep the spine aligned as it moves.


A general worn-down feeling of having no energy. Fatigue can be caused by excessive physical, mental or emotional exertion, by lack of sleep or by inflammation or disease.

Femoral head

The round bony protrusion at the end of the thigh bone that fits into the acetabulum (socket) of the pelvis to form the hip joint.


The bone in the upper leg, or thigh. The top end of the femur meets with the pelvis to form the hip joint.



A syndrome characterized by widespread muscle pain, the presence of tender points (or points on the body that feel painful on pressure) and often debilitating fatigue.


A surgical procedure in which bones that form a joint are held in place with metal screws or plates, allowing them to fuse into a single, immovable unit. Also called arthrodesis.

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