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Cardinal EasyOpen® Binders

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Cardinal EasyOpen® Binders
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Cardinal® EasyOpen binders are all about effortless operation. Its ONE-TOUCH® rings open, close and lock with one simple motion. Awarded the Ease of Use Commendation, EasyOpen binders are available in a variety of cover styles and sizes ranging all the way up to 11"x17".

Find out how our EasyOpen binder works here and view the entire Cardinal product line at: www.tops-products.com/binders.

Plus, get tons of free, professional quality binder cover templates at www.easycoversandmore.com. EasyCovers makes it simple to click, customize and create your own coordinating binder covers, spine and presentations using your favorite software.

Reviewer Comments:

“It’s easier to use than other three-ring binders.”
“It’s easy to close – easy to hold.”
“The rings stay locked!”