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BD Physioject™ Disposable Autoinjector

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BD Physioject™ Disposable Autoinjector
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BD Physioject™ Disposable Autoinjector for prefilled syringes is a fixed-dose, single-use device designed to be used by patients. The product fully integrates the BD Neopak™ or BD Hypak™ for Biotech 1mL long glass prefillable syringe to ensure optimal system functionality.

BD Physioject™ Disposable Autoinjector was designed with extensive patient input and rigorous human factor studies1. Patient benefits include ease of handling and use, control of injection activation, confidence in the injection process and comfort of passive needle shielding.

1 Data on file at BD

Review Comments

“It’s lightweight, fits in the hand easily and easy to see the medication.”

“The diameter is easy on my hands…I love it.”

“It’s easy to press the button with either your thumb or forefinger – some people have worse arthritis in their thumb so it is good for them."