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BD Nano™ 4mm Pen Needles

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BD Nano™ 4mm Pen Needles
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BD Nano™ 4mm Pen Needles now with EasyFlow™ Technology makes injecting even easier by reducing the force needed to push the pens thumb button by 62%!‡1  BD Nano™ 4mm Pen Needles are also the first and only pen needles with patented PentaPoint™ Comfort 5-bevel technology for greater comfort.2  Experience the difference with BD’s shortest and thinnest pen needle!


‡ Compared to their current pen needle on leading pen brands

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2. Hirsch LJ, et al. Impact of a Modified Needle Tip Geometry on Penetration Force as well as Acceptability, Preference, and Perceived Pain in Subjects with Diabetes. J Diabetes Sci Technol 2012; 6(2):328-335.