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Healing Hands for Arthritis

Say YES to Making Massage Part of Your Holistic Approach to Care…for a Cause!

For many of the more than 50 million Americans living with arthritis, finding ways to improve overall wellness and win the fight against pain and anxiety is a key part of living their best life possible.

We recognize that a holistic approach to care – on that includes diet, exercise, lifestyle, natural and medical therapies – is the most effective approach to treatment, and one of the best ways to empower people with arthritis to live better each day.

Massage Envy shares our understanding of the devastating effects of arthritis, both physically and mentally as well as our vision to fight those effects with a comprehensive approach to wellness that helps people with arthritis live their best life.

Whether you are living with arthritis, or know a friend or loved on who fights to live a life of YES, we invite you on September 28, 2016 to participate in an event that will not only contribute to improving your own overall wellness, but that will also help others with arthritis continue their fight to living better.

Book your Massage Envy appointments today for Wednesday, September, 28th! Experience all of the benefits of massage first-hand while also benefitting our cause!

About Healing Hands for Arthritis®

In its sixth year, Healing Hands for Arthritis is a one day fundraiser hosted at Massage Envy locations across the country, where $10 from every 1-hour massage or facial and 10% of select retail products sold on that day goes to the Arthritis Foundation. In 2015, appointments and services booked at Massage Envy on Healing Hands day raised $1,107,892 for the Arthritis Foundation's critical mission and research work.

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