"More than 50 million Americans – at least that many – suffer from chronic pain, like seen in the movie 'Cake.' We applaud the efforts of screenwriter Patrick Tobin, director Daniel Barnz and actress Jennifer Aniston for bringing this important issue to the big screen. Chronic pain from arthritis and other physical disorders seriously limits our productivity as a nation, as well as our economic progress and living everyday life. We need to address this now, starting with arthritis, which attacks one in every five Americans." - Ann Palmer, President and CEO, Arthritis Foundation

The new movie "Cake" began limited screenings at select theaters in late 2014 and will open nationwide on Jan. 23, 2015.  Jennifer Aniston stars as Claire Simmons, a woman who lives in chronic pain from a debilitating car accident; she pops prescription pills and is in a pain support group. When one of her fellow group members commits suicide, Claire begins searching for human connection and self-forgiveness to help her heal for good.

Aniston has already been nominated for several Best Actress awards for her performance in "Cake," and there’s buzz in Hollywood that she could be nominated for an Oscar this year.  In recent articles, Aniston has discussed preparing for the role, which included stopping exercise, gaining weight and going without makeup. In December, she appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, along with her friend and "Cake" stunt coordinator, Stacy Courtney, who knows firsthand about chronic pain from a real-life accident; Courtney helped inspire Aniston’s performance.

Both Aniston and Courtney were part of a town hall panel discussion that followed a special screening of the film in Los Angeles on Jan. 6, 2015.  They addressed questions about the movie, the storyline and the serious issue of chronic pain and its effects.  Ann Palmer, Arthritis Foundation president and CEO, also joined the panel to talk about the chronic pain of arthritis and how the Arthritis Foundation is helping improve lives.

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