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2018 Conference of Champions

Join us in Baltimore on November 8-10 for the 2018 Conference of Champions that will help make Yes! happen more than ever in 2019!

Yes! is what we’re all working toward in the year ahead. Join us at the 2018 Conference of Champions to take us higher. Yes to continue being unstoppable. Yes to turning around the Nos people with arthritis often face. Yes to conquering arthritis once and for all.

At this pivotal conference, we will:

  • Network with each other and with our partners – Finding new ways to work together to keep the fire burning for the passion we all have.
  • Bring the Live Yes! Arthritis Network to life – Understand your role, how you can help and what to expect, as it all comes together.
  • Learn how arthritis patients are shaping our scientific agenda – and take that input back home for more action.
  • Recognize and celebrate the very best of everything we’re doing – Acknowledging outstanding colleagues and adapting best practices. 

There is so much that’s new and exciting: Live Yes! … Our new website! …DIY fundraising! … And so much more!

Don’t miss out. Join us at the Arthritis Foundation’s 2018 Conference of Champions to stay on top of everything we’re doing together!

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