Juvenile Arthritis

Parent to Parent Program

The Arthritis Foundation supports parent-led networking events where families of children with JA can gather to share information and tips while kids get to know each other in a fun, social environment. If you have a group of JA parents that are interested in holding a social gathering in your local area, contact us for ideas and support!

As a parent, do you feel alone in raising a child with arthritis? Contact Annie Viola today to share your experience or ask questions of a fellow JA parent!

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Annie Viola, Parent of a Child with JA

My name is Annie Viola, and I am a JA mom. My daughter was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis over three years ago, and I still have so much to learn. I am accompanied on this journey with my husband of 11 years and four wonderful children.

I am passionate about building relationships and connecting JA families. We need each other to lean on and help support during the hard times. My goal is to support JA parents who are walking through this tough journey and holding onto their little one’s hand (or even carrying them at times). I want to help moms and dads that have been where I have been, and are going through the same struggles. I want to hear your stories, your experiences, and your needs because we are all on the same journey – a JA journey. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need a listening ear or simply want to connect with another parent who has walked in your shoes.


Annie Viola