Year in Review

Our Results

Through the our effective, committed advocacy network of Advocates and Ambassadors, we've worked to address key issues on the state and federal levels to make real changes that improve lives. See our 2017 Year in Review below:

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advocacy engagement


Our Advocates engaged in 163 bills in 39 states, resulting in 17 new laws.

advocacy connections


Our army of advocates grew to over 150,000!

ambassador progress


There are more than 1,100 Ambassadors in our program, with almost 180 new members in the past two years

arthritis advocacy inspiration


49 people achieved the Platinum Ambassador Award and will be honored at the Platinum Ambassador Assembly in March 2018.

junior ambassadors

Junior Ambassadors

Since launching the Junior Ambassador program in 2017, we have 60 members spanning 25 states.



Ambassadors showcased their advocacy accomplishments in our new Ambassador Spotlight Blog and Advocate Webinar Series.

arthritis foundation relationships


We engaged with over 5,000 Advocates and Ambassadors through surveys and focus groups, collecting feedback to amplify the patient voice on specific issues.

connections with congress

Connections with Congress

Thousands of Advocates made connections with their members of Congress, resulting in new co-sponsors on our priority legislation.

improve arthritis healthcare

Patients First

We championed patient-centered policy solutions to improve healthcare.

state capitol days

State Capitol Days

Over 200 Advocates attended 7 State Capitol Days, resulting in 227 legislative visits.

arthritis awareness


140 of 535 members of Congress sit on the Congressional Arthritis Caucus