Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Results

Our Advocacy Results

Through the Arthritis Foundation's effective, committed advocacy network of Advocates and Ambassadors - now more than 149,000 members strong - we've worked to address key issues on the state and federal levels to make real changes that improve lives.

Together, we’ve actively engaged in 137 bills in 32 states, and have positively impacted the lives of at least 27 million people in 16 states, ensuring affordability, protecting the patient-provider relationship and creating transparency in state insurance plans.

See our 2016 year in review below or view our Advocacy Report Cards to see what we've accomplished so far! (Click on the image below to view the full-size infographic.)

2016 Arthritis Advocacy Year In Review

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State Legislative Victories Map

See the state legislative victories we've experienced from 2014-2016, from biosimilar legislation to step therapy legislation and more.

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Advocacy Report Card

Review our Advocacy Report card to see what we've achieved this past quarter - or this past year! Join our cause and become an Advocate or an Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation and help us make lasting changes in Congress and across the nation.

arthritis foundation coalitions

Arthritis Foundation Coalitions

The Arthritis Foundation joins with like-minded organizations to develop policy positions and advocacy campaigns so that the voices of people with arthritis are amplified. See a list of coalitions that the Arthritis Foundation actively participates in.