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Patient-Centered Health Care Reform

Arthritis is a complex, chronic condition and people with arthritis depend on access to timely, ongoing care to control their disease. For many, access to health care is the difference between being disabled and being a fully functioning member of society. The Arthritis Foundation believes people with arthritis should not fear that they will be unable to afford or access health care, including physicians, medications and other treatments. Here are the principles we urge Congress to consider as it works towards health care reform replacement legislation:

  • There should be caps on annual out-of-pocket patient costs. 
  • There should be health insurance available to all Americans that provides continuous coverage, without exclusions for people with pre-existing conditions. 
  • There should be a ban on lifetime limits on health care costs. 
  • There should be affordable premiums, deductibles and cost sharing that accounts for the complexities people with arthritis face. 
  • There should be continuation of the currently required essential health benefits to ensure patients have access to a robust set of health care services. 
  • There should be continuation of the policy to allow children to remain on their parents’ health insurance until age 26.

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