Access to Care Arthritis Foundation Policy Priorities

Access to Care Policy Priorities

We believe that those with arthritis should have access to care, innovative treatments and access to the best specialists possible. Read more about our policy priorities below.

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Patient-Centered Health Care Reform

People with chronic conditions like arthritis depend on regular, ongoing access to health care and prescription drugs to manage their disease. It is critical to retain the elimination of pre-existing conditions, maintain the provision that eliminates lifetime caps and provides caps on annual spending, and continue allowing children to remain on their parents’ insurance plans until they are 26 years old. Congress should ensure that timely, continuous and affordable access to health coverage for people with chronic diseases is a priority in any health reform replacement legislation considered by the 115th Congress. Read more>>

Address Shortage of Pediatric Rheumatologists

Due to the scarcity of pediatric rheumatologists, only one-fourth of children with childhood arthritis are currently able to see a pediatric rheumatologist. Learn what you and Members of Congress can do to help. Read More >>

VICTORY: 21st Century Cures Act is Signed into Law

21st Century Cures will greatly increase the availability of treatments for people with arthritis and accelerate the path to a cure for the disease. Learn more about why this is one of the Arthritis Foundation's policy priorities. Read More >>