Arthritis Foundation Policy Priorities

Our Federal Policy Priorities

Because ignoring the pain and disability of arthritis is unacceptable, the Arthritis Foundation is working to conquer this debilitating disease and make a positive impact on the lives of people with arthritis, pushing for policies and laws that make health care more accessible. Follow the links below to find more information on our advocacy priorities and sample letters you can send to your Members of Congress urging them to step forward and take action on these important issues. 

Help Us Champion the Fight

Access to Care Policy Priorities

We believe that those with arthritis should have access to affordable care and innovative treatments from the best specialists in the field. Read our policy priorities here. Read More >>

Research and Prevention Policy Priorities

Learn more about the Arthritis Foundation's research and prevention policy priorities, including supporting funding of arthritis research at the DOD, the CDC, and the NIH. Read More >>

Awareness Policy Priorities

Read about the Arthritis Foundation's policy priorities to raise awareness about arthritis and related diseases. Learn more about how we strive to build a stronger Congressional Arthritis Caucus! Read More >>