Arthritis Advocate Tools and Resources

Advocacy Tools and Resources

Get Started

Use this section to learn how you can fight arthritis offline and in your community. Learn how to ask tough questions and get honest answers. To get started, download our Advocacy Toolkit (we even have a toolkit for children and young adults!) or watch our webinar series to hear from experts first-hand.

Voices Up, Barriers Down: Your Advocacy Toolkit

This Arthritis Advocacy Toolkit is your guide to sharing your story to break down barriers for people with arthritis. This redesigned toolkit was released at the 2017 Arthritis Advocacy Summit - you can view and download the digital toolkit here. Read More >>

Advocacy Leadership Team Map

Contact your State Director to learn more about local advocacy opportunities and ways to get involved. Use this map to identify the state director for your area. Read More >>

Video Training Center

Learn more about important advocacy issues by listening to these recordings from the popular Advocate Webinar Series, hosted by Arthritis Foundation Grassroots Advocacy Manager Julie Eller. Read More >>

State Facts

Find out how arthritis affects people in your state and what you can do to make a difference. Read More >>

State of Your Health

When a state signs a new health protection bill into law, what does that actually mean for you? Learn more about the issues, the new laws and the benefits to you! Read More >>