Arthritis Advocate Tools and Resources

Advocacy Tools and Resources

Your One-Stop Shop for Advocacy!

Use this page to find and download all of the advocacy resources needed to get informed, get involved, and get motivated to make your story heard by decision makers. Use these tools and resources to arm yourself with important information that can make a huge difference. Together we can raise our voices up to break barriers down for people with arthritis!

Advocacy Toolkit

advocacy toolkit

Advocacy Toolkit

Our Arthritis Advocacy Toolkit is a great resource for individuals interested in telling their story to advocate for arthritis policy issues and research. The toolkit will educate, engage and empower you to make your voice heard by elected officials and decision makers! Use the toolkit to arm yourself with important information that can make a huge difference. Together we can raise our voices up to break barriers down for people with arthritis!

children's toolkit


It’s important to tell your story to our elected officials. They want to hear from you! Many elected officials do not know much about arthritis and it’s important to let them know that kids get arthritis, too. Use the questions in this toolkit to help tell your story.

Important Documents

advocate recruitment flyer

Advocate Recruitment Flyer

Use this sign-up form to join our community or invite others to become an active Arthritis Foundation Advocate. Then tell your own story to raise awareness and make change happen!

Ambassador Recruitment Flyer

Ambassador Recruitment Flyer

Ambassadors commit to building strong relationships with their members of Congress and state legislators and to advocate for the Arthritis Foundation’s policy priorities. Put your voice to work and help others find their own Yes by advocating for the issues that affect you by becoming an Arthritis Foundation Ambassador!

Junior Ambassador Application

Junior Ambassador Application

Use this form to sign up for the Junior Ambassador Program! This new and exciting program gives teens 13-17 the opportunity to represent the estimated 300,000 kids in the U.S. who have arthritis and raise awareness by sharing their personal arthritis story through monthly activities.

grassroots program interest form

Grassroots Programs Interest Form

Check out some descriptions of our grassroots programs and let us know what interests you. We’ll contact you with more information on how to get involved!

advocacy report cards

Advocacy Report Cards Through the Years

Take a look at some of the issues we've tackled and overcome each quarter as we continue on the path to conquering arthritis!

year in review

2018 Advocacy Year in Review

Get the highlights! Check out our year in review infographic from 2018, you can use this as a tool to encourage your neighbors to join our grassroots network and keep the momentum going!

advocacy priorities

2019 Advocacy Priorities One Pager

We surveyed our Advocates and Ambassadors to learn about the biggest challenges they face. Over 1,700 responses were recorded and are informing our Advocacy and Access priorities for 2019. Check them out here!

state legislative victories

State Legislative Victory Map

Since 2014, we have witnessed Advocates – young and old – make a difference by telling their arthritis story. Your stories have paved the way to 100 legislative wins and counting! Use this map to track our nationwide successes.

state director map

State Director Map

State Directors are your personal resource to learn more about local advocacy opportunities and ways to get involved. Find the State Director for your region and send them an email!

state facts

State Fact Sheet

How does your home state stack up against the rest of the country? Find out how arthritis affects people in your state and what you can do to make a difference.

welcome to congress

Welcome Your Legislator to the 116th Congress

In January 2019, a new Congress was seated with Representatives and Senators that will serve until 2021. Use this resource to educate your members of Congress about the Arthritis Caucus, key federal priorities, and the prevalence, impact, and outlook of arthritis in your state.

Federal Leave Behind Documents

pediatric access to care

Ensuring Children’s Access to Specialty Care

Use this one-pager to get up to speed on legislation that would help decrease the shortage of pediatric rheumatologists in the US. This can be used for meetings with your legislators to encourage them to sign on to legislation.

limit cost sharing for specialty drugs

Patients Access to Treatments Act

This document details the Patients’ Access to Treatment Act, which would require commercial health insurers to cap the co-payment for specialty drugs. This would ease the burden of arthritis for all patients on specialty drugs. Use this one-pager to encourage your member of congress to support this legislation!

reform step therapy

Restoring the Patient’s Voice Act

The Restoring the Patient’s Voice Act aims to reduce the obstacle of step therapy or “fail first” practices for prescription medications imposed by insurers. Use this one-pager to brief your member of congress on the importance of considering the patient’s voice in making medical and insurance decisions.

arthritis caucus

Congressional Arthritis Caucus One Pager

This document provides a brief overview about the Congressional Arthritis Caucus. Here, the mission, function, and importance of the caucus is detailed, and encourages members of congress to join.