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Arthritis Foundation 2013 Annual Report
Research holds the key to finding better treatments and one day a cure for the more than 50 million Americans
who have had to face the daily challenges caused by arthritis. On their behalf, the Arthritis Foundation continues
to lead and fund cutting-edge scientific investigation to discover more about arthritis — what causes it, what
affects it, what can stop it — and what can keep it from developing in the first place.
for Better Treatments and a Cure
When I quit tennis because of my osteoarthritis, I had thousands of dreams that I was still
playing tournaments. Sure, I miss it, but you have to move on.That’s life.There is no such
thing as a champion who wins all the time.You have to learn from your losses.”
— Brian Teacher, winner of the 1981 Australian Open, diagnosed at age 19
The number of disease-modifying
OA drugs available on the market.
27 Million
The number of Americans waiting
for effective OA treatments.