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Arthritis Foundation 2013 Annual Report
People with arthritis face unique barriers to care: high costs of treatment, difficulty accessing medications,
scarcity of specialists and more. It’s hard for any individual to fight the battle alone. But through the Arthritis
Foundation’s effective and powerful advocacy network, we’re working to address key issues on both the state
and federal levels.
Leading the Fight for People Like Ashton
Ashton Hughes of Kentucky is an energetic fourth-grade student, baseball
player and brother; he’s also one of 300,000 children with arthritis. Bizarre
medical symptoms landed him in the hospital, but he found answers after
finding the right doctors, including a pediatric rheumatologist. While Ashton
copes with daily chronic pain, his parents cope with the high cost of treatment
and challenges with their insurance company over medication coverage.
The Arthritis Foundation is working to ensure that people with arthritis,
like Ashton, get the treatment they need and can afford. Together with our
advocates, we are making our voices heard and eliminating barriers to health
care wherever they exist.
On Capitol Hill and Beyond
Before having her fifteenth orthopedic surgery, Arthritis Foundation
Platinum Ambassador Cheryl Suhr of Louisville, KY, talked with
Sen. Mitch McConnell at the 2013 Advocacy Summit.