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Leading the Way: Introduction
From Our Leadership:
When the Arthritis Foundation’s work began almost 70 years ago, the world was very different.
Medical technology was in its infancy. The first MRI scans were decades away. Computers occupied
entire rooms, and the Internet didn’t yet exist. Vast amounts of research data couldn’t be instantly collected,
analyzed and interpreted.
In 1948, 7 million people were diagnosed with arthritis. Today, that number has skyrocketed to more than
50 million, including 300,000 children — and it’s growing.
Times have changed and the Arthritis Foundation has changed with them. For nearly seven decades,
we’ve been leading the way for people with arthritis and related conditions.
Leading the way in
From your hometown to the halls of Congress — backed by 78,000 active E-Advocates — we’re helping
change laws and make health care more accessible and affordable.
We’ve invested half a billion dollars in research, leading to the first biologics for many forms of arthritis. We’re
working every day to find a cure.
We’re the most trusted source of information about arthritis and chronic joint pain. Today we’re building
a new digital enterprise to better meet your needs.
We lead the way in providing support to children with juvenile arthritis and their families.
At the Arthritis Foundation, we’re focusing on where we can make the greatest difference. And it’s all
thanks to you: our donors, volunteers and sponsors.
We’re not only proud and privileged to be part of this remarkable organization; we’re also very grateful
for your partnership.
Ann M. Palmer
Daniel T. McGowan
President & CEO, Arthritis Foundation
National Chair, Arthritis Foundation