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Arthritis Foundation 2013 Annual Report
National Leadership
Ann M. Palmer
President & CEO
| Atlanta, GA
Meagan Fulmer
Chief Development Officer
| Atlanta, GA
Wayne Guthrie
Sr. Vice President, Staff Operations
| Atlanta, GA
Karen Larson
Chief Financial Officer
| Atlanta, GA
Sandra Mackey
Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Communications
| Atlanta, GA
Cindy McDaniel
Sr. Vice President, Consumer Health
| Atlanta, GA
Amanda Niskar, DrPH, MPH, BSN
National Scientific Director
| Atlanta, GA
Sandie Preiss
Vice President, Advocacy & Access
| Washington, DC
Field Leadership
Susan Carter
CEO, South Central Region
| Dallas, TX
Stephen Evangelista
CEO, New England Region
| Rocky Hill, CT
Tom Fite, CARE, CFRE
CEO, Heartland Region
| Chicago, IL
Tiffany Wise Layden
, A
rea Director,
Southeast Region & Upper Midwest Region
| Atlanta, GA
Manuel Loya
CEO, Pacific Region
| Los Angeles, CA
Ingrid Montecino
CEO, Northeast Region
| New York, NY
Gail Norman
Interim CEO, Mid Atlantic Region
| Charlotte, NC
Christopher Smith
CEO, Great Lakes Region
| Cleveland, OH
Scott Weaver
CEO, Great West Region
| Seattle, WA
Every day, our efforts are further establishing the Arthritis Foundation as an
authoritative leader and trusted resource – and enabling us to be a bold advocate
for those people and families living with the daily challenges of arthritis.”
– Ann M. Palmer, President & CEO, Arthritis Foundation