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Leading the Way: Thanks to Our Donors &Volunteers
You Can Be an Advocate.
When Mary Battle’s adult daughter, Kayla Smeraglia, developed arthritis, they both took action. Kayla works
for the Arthritis Foundation in Birmingham, AL. And Mary took action to advocate for better access to care,
raise funds and drive an area-wide public service announcement video campaign.
At first, I wanted to do something about Kayla’s arthritis and I felt like I couldn’t. But I was
wrong.There are things I CAN do – things that anyone and everyone can do. Must do.”
— Mary Battle, Arthritis Foundation volunteer
You Can Get Involved Locally.
Dr. E. Robert Harris is a medical school professor, research investigator, hospital unit director
and private practice rheumatologist. But his work fighting arthritis goes beyond that; he contributes to the
Arthritis Foundation — fundraising and personally sponsoring and leading local events. He serves on the
Pacific Region’s board and executive committee, and is past chair of the region’s board of directors.
I can go on and on about Bob’s commitment to the fight to cure
arthritis. Because of his lifelong commitment to patients with
arthritis, I know he wakes up almost every morning thinking
of ways to help us financially. His willingness to connect us
through his physician relationships has resulted in continuing
growth for ourWalk events.Without exaggeration, I have
never met a more passionate soul for our cause.”
— Manuel “Manny” Loya, CEO, Arthritis Foundation Pacific Region
How You Can Make the Difference...cont'd
Left: Dr. Bob Harris leads his Team Joint Doc at the Walk to Cure Arthritis.