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Leading the Way: Thanks to Our Donors &Volunteers
How You Can Make the Difference
You Can Contribute Directly.
Inspired by longtime friend and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Lee, Henry and Marsha Laufer contributed
$1 million to launch our groundbreaking
The osteoarthritis in my hip became so debilitating, I went
from physically active to having to use a walker until my hip
replacement surgery in 2013. OA in my knee has also been
extremely painful.The discovery of biomarkers that could
detect OA at its earliest stages and predict progression would
make a dramatic difference to so many people.The
sounded so well designed, with such exciting
breakthrough potential, we decided to fund it.”
– Marsha Laufer
When people understand what is genuinely possible to achieve
– whether they can contribute funding or inspire someone else
– that’s where the connections happen.Your passion will be
someone else’s inspiration.”
– Dr. Jonathan Lee
You Can Leave a Legacy.
Laura Kath has never let severe rheumatoid arthritis hold her back. First diagnosed at age 5, she has undergone
knee and elbow synovectomies, knee replacements, and wrist and ankle reconstructions. She has also achieved
major academic distinction, authored 19 travel and history books, and owns a successful consulting firm. She
volunteers actively for us, and has named the Arthritis Foundation as a beneficiary in her will.
It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it that
makes all the difference. I am deeply committed to finding the
cause and cure of this disease, and sharing my experience,
strength and hope in living with the diagnosis. It makes perfect
sense to me that the remainder of my estate should go toward
this cause.”
– Laura Kath