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Arthritis Foundation 2013 Annual Report
What is the difference between doing nothing and finding better treatments and
a cure for arthritis?
Without your contributions, we cannot achieve our mission to make a
difference in the lives of people with arthritis. But working together, we can
make a HUGE difference. Already, we are helping and supporting people with
arthritis — advocating for their rights and enabling research into how arthritis
develops and what can stop it.
If your name appears in this report, it is because your contributions — of money, time, resources,
knowledge — are helping the Arthritis Foundation accomplish our mission. And we are grateful for every
one of you.
To get involved, please email
and someone will be in touch.
Kiyah Hall and her parents, Craig and Nicole, of Margate, FL, have
been regular participants in the Arthritis Foundation's annual Juvenile
Arthritis Conference, the Advocacy and Kids’ Summit and their local
Walk to Cure Arthritis. You can get involved, too!