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Leading the Way: Juvenile Arthritis
The Arthritis Foundation opened a window to our ‘new normal.’
We got the answers we needed and met other JA families who
helped us adjust.”
— Chris Andersen, whose daughter, Nikki, was diagnosed with
juvenile arthritis more than 10 years ago
Left: Now 14, Nikki Andersen can again enjoy her hula-hoops after having both hips replaced.
Bringing Families Together
Every year since 1984, the Arthritis Foundation’s Juvenile Arthritis Conference has offered kids, teens and their
caregivers the chance to meet other families going through similar challenges. Over the past decade, we’ve seen
far fewer children depending on wheelchairs, thanks to medical discoveries
supported by the Arthritis Foundation that have led to new, more effective
drugs for children with JA.
Kids and their families dared us to
You Have the Power
The Arthritis Foundation's JA Power Pack
is our gift to kids and teens
newly diagnosed with arthritis or related conditions. It's a special backpack
with a therapeutic teddy bear (make it warm or cool to soothe pain), our
"Raising a Child With Arthritis" book, brochures and local
contact info — generously funded by Abbvie, Bristol-Myers
Squibb, Genentech and the AOII Foundation. After testing
the Power Pack in five U.S. regions, we plan to make it
available nationwide in 2015.
In 2013, we had record attendance at the
JA Conference in Anaheim, CA.
The Power Pack was just what our family
needed.There was a wealth of information
for not only myself, but that I could also pass
along to my child's teachers.”
My son was thrilled with the bear
and backpack.The bear works
magic on his knee, and I was thrilled
with the book.”
Thank you for the generosity and
amazing work that the Arthritis
Foundation is doing.You are changing
lives and making it a lot less scary.”