The Arthritis Foundation believes “Moving is the Best Medicine” when it comes to Fighting OA. Talk to your health care team about developing an physical activity program that’s right for you. If you haven’t been diagnosed yet, the Arthritis Foundation’s Risk Assessment Tool can help you determine your likelihood for developing the disease.

Walking is one of simplest ways for people with osteoarthritis to get moving. Our Walk With Ease program can help you take the first steps, and has been proven to reduce the pain of OA. You can start walking alone or with a group of friends. While you’re at it, you may just lose a few pounds; keeping your weight down is critical to damaged joints – for every pound you lose that’s 4 pounds of pressure off your knees!

Want to help scientists in their efforts to find new treatments – and ultimately a cure – for osteoarthritis? Enroll in the Arthritis Internet Registry and tell some of the nation’s leading researchers about your treatments, symptoms and how you manage the disease. Participation in the project, conducted by the National Bank for Rheumatic Diseases in partnership with the Arthritis Foundation, among others, is free and the enrollment process is secure.

Osteoarthritis currently affects some 27 million Americans, and new cases are being diagnosed every day. Since 2008, the Arthritis Foundation has teamed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to create a National Public Health Agenda for Osteoarthritis. The goal is to make methods of treating and preventing OA as common and well known to every citizen as those for heart disease and cancer.

How to stay active – even with OA.

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