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Country Meadows Retirement Communities Partners with the Arthritis Foundation for New Programs

Exercise is one of the best ways that people with arthritis can manage their disease. Exercise keeps joints flexible and muscles strong. It improves ability to do the tasks of daily living, fights depression and gives you more energy.  Click here to learn about how Country Meadows Retirement Communities is partnering with the Arthritis Foundation for new exercise programs. 


  Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

The holidays can be an exciting time filled with family, friends, gifts, food and events.  The busier the holidays get,he easier it is to get out of your daily health routine.  This article will help you enjoy the holidays without putting your health on the backburner. 


Faces of Arthritis from Around the Region

In this video, you’ll meet some of the people in the Great Lakes Region who are working to improve the lives of people living with arthritis. Click here to view the video.


Where Your Donation Can Go: Arthritis Research

For more than six decades, the Arthritis Foundation has dedicated itself to finding the causes and effective treatments for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile arthritis. The ultimate goal is to find a cure.  Click here to learn more about the research being done in the Great Lakes Region. 

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