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With 50 million adults and 300,000 children diagnosed with arthritis in the United States, it’s likely you or someone you know has arthritis. Have you ever thought, “What can I do?” The answer is easy—ADVOCATE!

Arthritis Foundation e-advocates and ambassadors are among the organization’s most precious resources in affecting change in government policies and funding. When you sign up to be an e-advocate here you will receive Action Alerts via email fewer than 10 times a year prompting you to email your government officials about arthritis-related issues. Use the Arthritis Foundation’s simple email template (which requires only a couple of clicks) or craft your own message. Together our voices are heard.

An Arthritis Ambassador is a valuable volunteer who serves as the “face of arthritis” while establishing a relationship with local Congressional district representatives. Ambassadors are given special assignments to complete each month to help the Arthritis Foundation advance its public policy efforts. To find out more or to sign up click here! But don’t just take our word for it… Here’s a testimonial:

“I’ve been an Arthritis Ambassador for a number of years. It has been both educational and stimulating for me. The hour on the monthly conference call is usually packed full of information about current government issues and how their resolutions, or lack thereof, affect ALL of us with arthritis. Currently with Congress battling balancing the budget, the potential cuts in discretionary spending put research, training grants and programs at great risk. We, the Ambassadors, are being asked to call our congressional offices to voice our support for a balanced budget approach to deficit reduction. There are regular assignments given to us which involve some type of advocacy activity on behalf of all adults and children with arthritis.”

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