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Clarity C4230™ Cordless Telephone

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  • Product Description

The Clarity C4230™ is a cordless telephone that uses patented Digital Clarity Power® technology to amplify incoming sounds up to 50 decibels, ultimately making conversations louder, clearer and easier to understand for the millions nationwide with moderate-to-severe hearing loss.  The unique ergonomic design of the C4230™ coupled with the backlit, widely spaced buttons makes the phone more comfortable and easier to use for people with arthritis symptoms and low vision.  In addition, the C4230™ is the only telephone to feature amplified speakerphones and digital answering machines in both the portable handsets and the base, ideal for people with mobility challenges.

Reviewer Comments

"Easy to dial and see the numbers."

"The sound is clear."


Clarity C4230™ Cordless Telephone