Walk to Cure Arthritis

wtca logoThe Walk to Cure Arthritis is the Arthritis Foundation's nationwide team walk event that raises funds to fight arthritis. Individuals join together as teams to honor a family member or friend living with arthritis and collectively raise funds to cure arthritis. 

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May 16, 2015 - Bellevue, WA

May 16, 2015 - Vancouver, WA

Top Fundraising Teams

Walk to Cure Arthritis teams in the Great West Region, united in the fight against arthritis, raised $488,000 in 2014 and made a tremendous impact on the lives of those living with arthritis.  Learn how these teams motivated and inspired others to join the fight against arthritis and earned the honor of "top fundraising team" at their local event.  Start your own Walk to Cure Arthritis team and join in the fun! 


Team DAC Rheum Service
70 Team Members
$31,329 Raised

DAC TeamHere are some of the things we did to help raise money for the Denver Walk to Cure Arthritis:

  1. Our staff paid $5 to wear jeans and a team DAC walk shirt on Fridays. We started this October 2013.
  2. Five of our physicians sent letters to their patients asking them to walk with our team and donate to our team.
  3. We put up signs in our office from the Arthritis Foundation with links to our donation page. 
  4. We had donation cans sitting at the front desk.
  5. We put a message on our patient portal with a link to our donation page.
  6. We put a message on the bottom of every statement asking the patients to donate and walk with our team.
  7. We uploaded a video from the Arthritis Foundation and posted it on our website.

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Trivalley WTCA team

Team Angelina's Angels
56 Team Members
$20,452 Raised

The 2014 Walk to Cure Arthritis was dedicated to Angelina “Lina” Robinson, who sadly finished her battle with JIA on September 23, 2013. Angelina’s Angels, made up of her friends and family, walked with strength and smile in her beautiful memory and honor. 

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Team SOAR Rheumatology
1 Team Member
$15,435 Raised

Elaine Lambert"I am a rheumatologist in a private practice called Sports, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Associates in Redwood City, CA.  I have been on the AF Board in northern CA since 1996 and have served as its chair and most vice-chair positions in the past 18 years.  I am currently on the medical and scientific committee. 

My fund raising success is due to my loyal friends and patients who respond to the 1000 email requests that I send out each year to support the AF Walk.

My motivation to support the AF Walk is finding additional treatment and potential cures for arthritis and to support the wonderful work that the AF does for so many with arthritis."

-Elaine Lambert, Team Captain and 2014 Medical Honoree

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Team Esella's SuperheroesTeam Esella's Superheroes
40 Team Members
$13,506 Raised

Esella is an amazing little girl who, at the age of two, was diagnosed with JA. However, JA has given Esella some amazing super powers! She is brave, strong willed, and has amazing artistic talents! She is her mommy, daddy, and little brother's superhero. Each year we gather all of the amazing superheroes in our lives to fight the villain ARTHRITIS. 

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Oma's Flare FightersTeam Oma's Flare Fighters
31 Team Members
$11,732 Raised

Oma's Flare Fighters raised $11,732 for the 2014 Denver Walk to Cure Arthritis through successful third party fundraisers, strength in numbers (more team members=more donations), a strong base of support and the power of social media. This year's fundraisers included a wine tasting & cheese-making event, a Cornhole Tournament and firetruck rides & frozen yogurt!

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Katie TaveTeam Taves
9 Members
$11,245 Raised

"I was so excited to be selected as the Honoree this year. It had been a really hard year for me as my arthritis was back and attacking me hard. I missed a ton of school this year and having the responsibility as honoree kept me positive and motivated to fight.

I was motivated by all that the Arthritis Foundation has done for me and my family since I was diagnosed. I loved the Summer Camps, I look forward to the Teen Retreats and they have given me tons of support through the website and publications. These have helped me with both my family, friends and school. I was also hugely motivated by the desire to help to find a cure. Having arthritis is hard. I fight with the desire to give up every day. The thought that there will be a cure is a huge motivation.

I felt comfortable reaching out to my friends and family to support the walk because of the support that the Foundation has given to me. I thought it was a huge honor and I did my best to live up to it. I would love to continue to work with the Foundation on a regional or national level."

-Katie Taves, Team Captain and 2014 Youth Honoree

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44 Team Members
$10,000 Raised

"Our Bay Area Arthritis Team (“BAAA”) was pleased to raise so much money for the 2014 Walk to Cure Arthritis. We found that if we asked family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to donate only $20 each, we were able to get a larger group of people involved and widen our base of monetary support and general awareness of the Arthritis Foundation. Many people donated more than $20 and it amazed us how fast these donations added up!"

-Sharon Litsky, Team Captain

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Andy and Katie's TeamAndy and Katie's Team
55 Team Members
$9,870 Raised

"This was our tenth walk season and to commemorate, we set a goal to raise over $10,000! In the last ten years both of our kids- Andy & Katie- have had ups and downs with their arthritis and are both currently in remission. We are so thankful for the AF for giving us a chance to raise money and awareness about this disease through the Walk to Cure Arthritis. We will continue to raise money by asking our friends and family to make a donation to this wonderful organization until we find a CURE!"

-Mark Butscher, Team Captain

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KelliTeam Joint Effort
5 Team Members
$4,965 Raised 

“Every year my friends, family and co-workers really step it up and help me raise money for the Denver Walk to Cure Arthritis event that will one day help me, and the 50 million others living with this disease, be free of pain. I use social media, posters/flyers at work, word of mouth and emails to ask for donations, but really the key factor is to ask! The Walk to Cure Arthritis event is important to me because it allows me to fundraise for a cure!”  

 -Kelli J. Schandel, Team Captain

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Team EmmaTeam Emma
46 Team Members
$4,575 Raised

"What motivates me to walk and raise money each year is, of course, my Emma and the 300,000 other kids in America with Juvenile Arthritis. These kids have to be so strong and brave to fight this disease, and it isn't fair. We need to find a cure."

-Sarah Spencer, Team Captain

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Team ReidynTeam Reidyn Rebellious Renegades
13 Team Members
$3,524 Raised

"Fundraising for the walk is very challenging but with the help of Facebook we were able to raise $3,524. I posted on Facebook Reidyns journey with Arthritis and the donations started pouring in! We are very excited for next year to hopefully double our donations from this year!!"

- Tiffany Hardison, Team Captain

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walk team

The J Team
17 Team Members
$6,445 Raised

"I have participated in the SF walk since 2003 (ever since my RA diagnosis).   While initially I was reluctant to talk about my diagnosis with people outside of my immediate family and closest friends, I've realized that I (as an individual) can make a huge impact on my future as well as the future of others through my fundraising and advocacy.   Each year, I'm motivated to expand my outreach and increase my fundraising, and each year the support my family and friends reminds me of how lucky I am to have such an amazing team and network supporting me!" 

Janice Neff, Team Captain

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