For additional contact information, you may also visit the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) website,

The ACR is the largest professional organization of physicians, scientists, and health professionals devoted to the study and treatment of the rheumatic diseases.

The Arthritis Foundation makes no representations, implied or otherwise, about the competence or qualifications of any physicians listed here. The Foundation strongly recommends that you consult your primary care physician before relying on this list.

Steven Jay AndersonRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Gregory T. AustadRheumatologistLaytonUT
Kirstin BacaniRheumatologistOgdenUT
Catherine BakewellRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
John F Bohnsack Pediatric RheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Jeffrey E BoothRheumatologistOgdenUT
Steven CallRheumatologistProvoUT
Grant W CannonRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Daniel O CleggRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Daniel O CleggRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Shelby R DamesRheumatologistOgdenUT
Tracy FrechRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Richard GremillionRheumatologistSandyUT
Aimee HershPediatric RheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
C.J. InmanPediatric RheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Christopher JacksonRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Curry Koening RheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Gary KunkelRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Max S LundbergRheumatologistSandyUT
Daniel P LupashRheumatologistOgdenUT
Jeffrey Matthews RheumatologistProvoUT
John McCormick RheumatologistSt. George UT
Sean McMillanRheumatologistMurrayUT
Karla Miller RheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Shruti SanghviRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Allen SawitzkeRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
David J Shaskey RheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Sara SternPediatric RheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
Don L Stromquist RheumatologistMurrayUT
Corey Walker RheumatologistLoganUT
Jessica WalshRheumatologistSalt Lake CityUT
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