Section Objectives
   Users will be able to:

  • Identify the major steps in implementing leader and instructor training workshops
  • Describe how to determine training needs
  • List some factors to consider when planning a workshop location, schedule and budget
  • Explain how to establish clear workshop roles and responsibilities



The Arthritis Foundation (AF) evidence-based programs are designed to be delivered in a consistent way in accordance with the standardized program materials. Effective training will help you ensure program quality and safety.  Whether you are a trainer or work at a partnering agency, an AF chapter or a state health department, this section will provide you with the how-to information you need to offer high-quality training workshops. 


This chapter is focused on training leaders and instructors.  Contact the AF National Office, Public Health Department Community Services Program Manager at 404-872-7100 if you need trainers and/or want to host a Train-the-Trainer workshop.

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