Why Collaborate with System Partners?


To reach more people and sustain the delivery of programs, AF and state health department staff should focus on building relationships with system partners. These umbrella-type organizations offer many advantages:


  • Existing access to people with arthritis and multiple delivery points, allowing for a significant expansion of reach
  • Motivation and capacity to commit financial and human resources for sustained program delivery
  • Provision of resources such as:

    • multiple meeting facilities and classes
    • staff to be trained as instructors and trainers
    • marketing for the programs
    • help in recruiting class participants
    • management of registration, collection of fees and other program logistics
  • Potential for streamlining the processes of negotiating agreements and maintaining quality


Collaborating with system partners is more likely to increase your market penetration, geographic reach and program sustainability. Collaboration also reduces the resources used by the individual organizations.  Spending time upfront to identify quality system partners is worth the investment.




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