Marketing/ Sales Perspective

To date, AF programs have annually reached less than 1% of Americans with doctor-diagnosed arthritis due in part to a lack of awareness about the programs. Another major barrier is that potential partnering organizations often do not understand the program benefits and may not know that arthritis is an important issue to address. Therefore, to recruit a system partner, it is important to identify the potential partner’s needs and interests and to be able to articulate the benefits of the AF programs and explain how they will meet the potential partner’s needs.

This Guide presents ideas and resources for marketing the programs to potential system partners that incorporate the experiences of successful AF chapters and states. Information and tools for promoting the program benefits to potential program personnel and class participants are also included.

Chapter 1-3: Marketing the Programs to Potential System Partners
Chapter 2-2: Resources for Recruiting Trainers
Chapter 2-3: Resources for Recruiting Leaders and Instructors
Chapter 2-7: Resources for Recruiting Program Participants

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