Year-Round Cultivation Touch Ideas for Partners


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Any relationship requires continuous attention to keep it strong. Below are some ways you can communicate and cultivate your relationship with your partners and open the doors for them to communicate with you.  With these initial steps, you can begin to forge a strong tie between your organization and your partner.




  • Mail holiday cards (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) Check for any arthritis-related cards. For example, send a card with artwork from a child or adult with arthritis to reinforce the importance of your mission.
  • Mail “Happy New Year” cards to key contacts within partnering organizations. Wish them success as a new year approaches.
  • In April, celebrate volunteer appreciation month – mail “thanks for all you do” notes
  • Send the chapter’s or state health department’s annual report with a hand-written note.
  • Send them a note during National Arthritis Month, and include information on Arthritis Walk Honorees to put a face on people with arthritis.




  • Make personal thank you phone calls to key contacts at the partnering organization.
  • Call when you do not want or need anything from your partner, just to check in and let them know you are available.
  • Mail thank you letter/progress reports/program sites data and/or photos of program participants to key contacts to show them their work in action.
  • Mail copies of leader/ instructor and trainer newsletters with handwritten personal notes to key contacts.
  • Send invitations to an Arthritis Walk kick-off or other chapter and state events to partners.
  • Mail invitations to the chapter’s annual meeting.
  • Mail a complimentary copy of Arthritis Today magazine with a handwritten note attached. Point out an article that might be of particular interest.
  • Mail your newsletter to key contacts.
  • Acknowledge partner contacts’ birthdays, anniversaries and other important moments in their lives.
  • Hold progress/follow-up meetings with key contacts.
  • Invite key contacts to view an actual AF program class after breakfast or lunch to thank them for their leadership and contributions of time and resources.
  • Present the partner with an award at the chapter’s annual meeting or other key event.
  • Invite key contacts to be your personal guests at the Arthritis Walk, golf tournaments, dinner galas or any other special event your organization hosts.
  • Take AF-branded items or left over items from special events when meeting with the partner.
  • Offer AF brochures and other materials to partnering organizations at reduced cost or for free in some cases.
  • Keep slots available in leader/instructor program trainings or schedule training workshops exclusively for leaders from the partnering organizations’program sites.
  • E-mail Mind, Body & Spirit newsletter to contacts at partnering organizations.
  • Add key contacts’ information into Team Approach to facilitate mailings and relationship management.


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