How to Keep Your Partners Engaged


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  • Call partners periodically to find out how their work is progressing. Offer assistance when appropriate, congratulate and thank them for their achievements and show interest in the work they do on behalf of people with arthritis.


  • Invite partnering staff to participate in the programs and/or to meet some class participants so they have more direct experience with the benefits of the programs.


  • Involve partners in your other organization activities.  Make sure they are aware of all key meetings and special events.  If they are unable to participate in any activity, provide them with a verbal or written debriefing and copies of materials.


  • Update partners regularly on your program efforts.  Provide verbal reports by conference calls and in–person meetings.  You also can circulate a newsletter or other written communication through regular or electronic mail.  Tell them about program changes that may affect their organization.


  • Enhance the visibility of partners.  Credit them in your news releases and other communication materials and at special events.  If you generate a news story that mentions them, send them a copy.


  • Provide materials and resources.  When you encounter breaking news and information that is of interest to their organization, be sure to alert them to it.  Send written materials when possible.


  • Share results.  Whether positive or negative, be sure to circulate information such as numbers of people reached and any other evaluation information or feedback you have received. 


  • Explore ways to extend collaboration.  Look for additional opportunities to partner such as adding a new program.  Consider providing support for their organization's projects.


Adapted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention. Taking Action for Heart-Healthy and Stroke-Free States

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