Tip Sheets


Foundations: Types and Sources of Information

This tip sheet provides a basic overview about different types of foundations and where to locate information about foundations in print and on-line resources.


How to Research Foundations

This tip sheet provides suggestions about how to learn about a foundation's mission and decision-making processes prior to submitting a funding request.


How to Work Effectively with Foundations

Learn about how to build a relationship with foundations.


Grant Writing Basics

This tip sheet provides a basic overview of how to write a grant proposal.


How to Address Proposal Criticisms

This table lists some common problems seen in proposals and suggest ways to prevent or address these.


After the Proposal Has Been Submitted

This tip sheet provides suggestions for how to nurture your relationship with a funding agency during that period of time after you've submitted a proposal and are waiting to hear if you've received funding.


After Funding Has Been Received

This tip sheet provides tips about how to manage your relationship with a foundation after funding has been received.


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