Whose Job Is It?


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Staff are individuals (usually employees) of Arthritis Foundation (AF) chapters, state health departments and large partnering organizations who coordinate and oversee the AF Life Improvement Series programs. Staff serve as resources for the program personnel. They plan and direct program implementation and provide guidance, support and structure.

Program personnel are the paid and volunteer Life Improvement Series program leaders, instructors and trainers who actually implement the programs.  This group’s role is to carry out the tasks related to delivering the program classes and/or training workshops.

The following table illustrates some typical differences in responsibilities.  Experienced program personnel may be empowered to take on staff roles. Use the table as a guide and feel free to adapt this to fit your local situation.


(AF Chapter/ State Health Department/ Partners)

(Leaders, Instructors, Trainers)

General Responsibilities

  • Oversee annual planning process
  • May provide input into annual program plan
  • Negotiate and ensure receipt of signed co-sponsorship agreements and instructor statements of understanding and letters of agreement
  • Sign and submit appropriate statements of understanding/ letters of agreement
  • Communicate policies and resolve any issues
  • Adhere to program policies
  • Manage and communicate budget/ financial issues
  • Adhere to budget guidelines
  • Ensure adequate financial resources for the programs
  • May assist in obtaining grants and other program revenue
  • Establish communication mechanisms and serve as liaison between AF, state health department, partnering agencies and program personnel
  • Maintain communication with AF and host agency
  • Answer questions, provide technical assistance and troubleshoot problems/ issues in a timely manner
  • Report problems to AF/ host agency
  • Ensures that qualified program personnel receive AF certification and are recertified when appropriate
  • Meet pre-requisites and apply for certification
  • Attend recertification training every three years
  • Provide for or conduct supervision, professional development, support and recognition activities
  • Provide input into recognition and other support activities
  • May conduct professional development and other support activities

Training- Related Responsibilities


  • Select training workshop dates and recruit workshop site
  • Provide input into dates and locations (experienced trainers may also handle site recruitment)
  • Provide for and/or conduct recruitment and screening of program personnel
  • May assist in leader/ instructor recruitment and screening
  • Provide for/ coordinate other workshop logistics (registration, ordering materials, refreshment, room set-up, etc.)
  • May assist with pre-planning and on-site workshop logistics
  • Attend training workshop to meet trainees; may present program logistics/ administration section
  • (Co) facilitatie or participate in training workshop
  • Ensure that all new program personnel are coached/ oriented to program responsibilities
  • Assist in mentoring/ coaching new personnel

Program Responsibilities

  • Work with leader/ instructors and host sites to ensure that classroom/pool space and class schedule is secured
  • Work with host site to provide input into class series/ course schedule
  • May assist the AF/ state health department in recruiting new facilities
  • Ensure ongoing marketing of all programs in service area
  • May assist the AF/ state health department and partnering agency in program promotion activities
  • Provide for/ conduct class registration and collection of fees and forms
  • May assist the host site with class registration and handle collection of fees and forms
  • Ensure that any needed equipment, supplies and materials are obtained
  • May assist the host site in obtaining equipment and supplies
  • Ensure adequate number of trained leaders/ instructors are available to teach
  • Conduct at least one class series per year following the standardized content and program guidelines
  • May assist in recruiting leader/ instructor candidates

Data and Quality Management Mechanisms

  • Communicate data and establish evaluation mechanisms
  • Understand and use data collection forms and procedures
  • Coordinate and/ or conduct site visits and other quality  monitoring and improvement activities
  • May assist in conducting site visits and other quality monitoring and improvement activities
  • Ensure data entering, compilation and reporting
  • In collaboration with host site, collect and submit data in timely manner
  • May assist in entering or compiling data




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