How To Provide Growth Opportunities


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Program personnel are more likely to become invested in AF programs, feel more valued and be more effective liaisons between you and their class or workshop participants if they are given the opportunity to participate in other activities besides delivering the programs and conducting training workshops. Some ways they can help include:



  • Providing community/ consumer perspective in program planning and decisions to ensure more buy-in
  • Lending their name and voice to augment program efforts
  • Assisting with identifying community leaders and assessing community needs and resources
  • Opening the door and helping to recruit system partners
  • Helping to recruit other program personnel
  • Increasing community awareness of and demand for the programs
  • Assisting with  media relations and other program promotional activities
  • Planning and implementing quality assurance activities (site visits, contacting sites for reach data, entering and analyzing impact data, etc.)
  • Planning and implementing local leader/ instructor and trainer continuing education and networking activities
  • Planning and implementing recognition activities and incentives
  • Planning and implementing newsletters and other communication activities
  • Assisting to mediate disputes and resolve conflict
  • Troubleshooting local obstacles and barriers to program implementation and partnerships
  • Helping to orient new staff to program logistics and history



  • Becoming a grassroots advocate by getting involved with your local and state issues and legislation helping to make positive governmental changes for people with arthritis
  • Participating in state arthritis steering coalitions
  • Participating in chronic disease coalitions
  • Supporting key legislations such as the Arthritis Prevention, Control, and Cure Act
  • Becoming involved with the annual AF Advocacy Summit



  • Assisting with grant seeking and writing
  • Serving on State or AF committees and boards
  • Assisting with recruiting key community leaders for chapter board positions
  • Assisting with securing corporate and donor funding



  • Assisting with the Arthritis Walk as Walk chair and/or with sponsorship, team and participant recruitment
  • Assisting with Jingle Bell Run/Walk as a participant or helping to recruit a team
  • Assisting with AF dinner and gala events with organizing, table sales or gathering a group to attend
  • Assisting with other AF special events


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