Arthritis Foundation Quality & Risk Management Mechanisms: What & When


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Review policies and ensure that your organization (if not covered by AF national insurance policy) has adequate (i.e., at least $1 million) liability insurance coverage for the programs and personnel delivering the programs


Before implementing programs or training

 See the AF Self-Help Course program guidelines and procedures manual and the policies and logistics sections of the AF Aquatic and AF Exercise Program Instructor Manuals for copies of the policies

Sign Program Co-sponsorship Agreement WORD and PDF with partnering agencies

   , and 

Before training; every three years thereafter


Instructor Statement of Understanding (WORD and PDF)


Trainer Statement of Understanding WORD and PDF

Before training

Require as part of workshop application process

Leader/instructor agreement (part of Certification Application Form (WORD) and PDF  version)

After training workshop; included as part of AF certification application


Participant Release Form

As part of class registration process for new participants or for ongoing participants if change in address or other status

AF chapters must collect and keep copies of these signed forms for 5 years for legal purposes


IMPACT outcome tools: AF Exercise Program, AF Aquatic Program and AF Self-Help Program Questionnaires

To be determined per local needs and resources; may include annual selection of courses; distributed as a pre-test, post-test at beginning and end of course series by course completers

Basic survey measures certain core outcomes; additional optional questionnaires can also be used to assess self-efficacy, mental health status, helplessness and medical history

AF Aquatic Program Instructor Feedback Form


AF Exercise Program Instructor Feedback Form


AF Self-Help Leader Feedback Form


Form submitted by instructor as needed to document problems or suggestions for program changes

Obtain input about problems encountered in classes and/or any suggestions for change

AF Aquatic and AF Exercise Site Visit Checklist


AF Self-Help Program Site Visit Checklist


Determined locally; may include in-person visits with new instructors or annual facility visits

Used by staff or volunteers

AF Self-Help Co-Leader Evaluation; other participant satisfaction, co-trainer/instructor evaluations or other activities determined locally

Based on local resources

Collaborate with other agencies with research and evaluation expertise to help design and implement these activities



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