Section Objectives
   Users will be able to:

  • Explain the rationale for the Arthritis Foundation (AF) quality and risk management procedures
  • Identify practical tips for monitoring program quality
  • Outline methods to promote consistent quality
  • Respond to frequently asked legal and insurance questions



This section is designed to help Arthritis Foundation (AF) chapters understand basic methods for ensuring program quality, including safety, effectiveness and fidelity. This information may also be useful to state health department arthritis program managers to help them understand the quality and risk management mechanisms that should be in place whenever AF programs are implemented through any type of partnership.


Effectiveness: the extent to which a program attains its objectives such as improved health outcomes in the program participants (including increased self-efficacy, decreased pain and improved function).

Fidelity: the extent to which a program implemented in the community remains true to the original program design and is delivered in accordance with the standardized content, format and procedures.

Quality management: ensuring program effectiveness, fidelity and safety through the use of policies, procedures and tools.

Risk management: ensuring program safety and reducing legal liability for injuries through the use of legal forms and following standardized policies and procedures. Procedures should include getting agreement letters and participant releases signed, and obtaining adequate insurance coverage.

Safety: ensuring that program facilities and personnel are adhering to the program policies designed to reduce the risk of harm or injury to program participants.


Why are there so many policies, procedures and paperwork associated with the Arthritis Foundation programs? Some of these are designed to ensure that the program participants have a safe and beneficial experience. Others are designed to protect the AF, its partnering agencies, and the staff and volunteers involved in the programs from risk of legal liability. Others are available to help provide accountability about program effectiveness. In this section, you will find information about the various types of quality and risk management procedures and tools provided by the AF.



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