Reach Data Forms and Mechanisms: What and When


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Type/ Activity




Program Information Form

Use to report information about program classes or training workshops and numbers of new and total participants reached

Submit to AF with Participant Roster or Training Workshop Roster form within 2 weeks after end of course series/ workshop or within 30 days after end of each quarter for ongoing classes

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Training Workshop Roster Form


Ask trainees to sign in when they arrive at the training workshop; can be used by trainer to report the names of individuals who successfully completed the workshop

Submit roster form together with Program Information Form to the AF within 2 weeks after the end of the workshop

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Reach and Capacity Report

Provides information that CDC-funded state health departments are required to report; includes definitions of key data terms. These reports are automatically generated from data entered into Team Approach

Quarterly and Annual


Enter program reach data quarterly (within 45 days after end of quarter)

Enter leader, instructor, trainer data before and/or after training workshop

TA data is reported to AF chapters on a quarterly and annual basis; the quarterly reports only include data entered within the previous quarter; annual reports are cumulative


IMPACT Reach Forms WORD (include attendance sheets and a Course or Class Participation Reporting Form)

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Use these if doing an outcome evaluation or need  more detailed attendance records

ALTERNATIVE forms to take attendance and report counts

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