Section Objectives
   Users will be able to:

  • Identify the rationale for reach data collection and reporting
  • Identify practical tips for getting reach data



All Arthritis Foundation chapters, CDC-funded state health departments and their partners should be collecting reach data to document the number of people served through the programs.


REACH: the number of unduplicated individuals who participate in the programs.

IMPACT TOOLS: a standardized set of data collection instruments developed by the Association of State and Territorial Chronic Disease Program Directors Arthritis Council Impact Project Team. The tools include instruments to monitor program reach and assess program outcomes. Simplified versions of the reach data collection and report forms were distributed in 2008.

TEAM APPROACH: the Arthritis Foundation’s customer relationship management system, which is used to track numbers of participants reached by entering participant names and/or counts. This system provides reports on the number of classes and program attendance and is also used to track the training and certification of leaders, instructors and trainers.


It is important to collect and report reach data for the following reasons:


  • To document return on investment to funding agencies, supporters and donors
  • To secure sponsors and funding for grant proposals
  • To show nationwide penetration to engage major partners
  • For advocacy: U.S. taxpayers have invested millions at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for arthritis programs; Congress wants to know: what are they buying?
  • CDC-funded states must document that they are reaching their goals
  • Declining resources create an increased emphasis on accountability
  • Arthritis Foundation chapters must meet chapter standards and management practices to document their program activity and to enter their program data into Team Approach

This chapter is designed to provide practical tips about data collection for AF chapter staff and state health department program managers.



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