Section Objectives
   Users will be able to:

  • Describe how to register participants for classes
  • Describe considerations for program fees
  • Describe how to order materials for classes



This section is targeted to individuals at partnering agencies who are responsible for the basic class logistics, including registering participants, handling fees and obtaining any needed materials and equipment.  The information in this section will also be useful to new staff at Arthritis Foundation (AF) chapters and at state health departments so that they can provide support as needed to partnering agencies. This section provides an overview of various forms and processes that will make it easier to implement the classes.  Additional logistical information can be found in the chapters listed below.

Chapter 2-6 Resources for Recruiting Program Facilities
Chapter 2-7 Resources for Recruiting Class Participants
Chapter 2-9 Resources for Monitoring Reach
Chapter 2-11 Resources for Supporting Programs



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