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AF Michigan Chapter and State Health Department Collaborate on Outcome Evaluation
AF New Jersey Chapter Develops New Site Visit Model


AF Michigan Chapter and State Health Department Collaborate on Outcome Evaluation


  • The Chapter collected IMPACT outcome surveys in addition to collecting REACH data for all programs.
  • The Chapter staff met face-to-face with program leaders and instructors when the project was introduced to ensure return of data, explain all the materials, sell the importance of the data, and answer questions. The Chapter also conducted conference calls with their leaders. Now, the chapter includes information about IMPACT in leader training workshops.
  • The Chapter used the IMPACT outcome questionnaires for all three evidence-based programs. They have revised the questionnaire to add ID numbers and questions about sleep and fatigue. The Chapter does get good return on IMPACT data from their program leaders.
  • The Chapter has developed scannable forms for collection of IMPACT data and an analysis database in Microsoft Access.
  • The state health department assisted with development of the questionnaire and the database, and handles scanning and initial clean-up of the data. The Chapter reviews questionnaires to ready them for scanning, and writes an annual data analysis report.


Contact: Barbara Spreitzer-Berent /AF Michigan Chapter/248-649-2891 x 224


AF New Jersey Chapter Develops New Site Visit Model


The Chapter modified the site visit checklist included in the program guidelines and procedures manual (see sample site visit form).


  • The site visit checklist is used to assess both facility compliance as well as instructor performance.
  • The Chapter recruited trainers to do site visits with new leaders.
  • The Chapter is not paying their trainers to do this but they are reimbursing for mileage.
  • Each trainer is asked to visit four sites in their area to check facility compliance and to observe and evaluate the instructors.
  • Trainers are oriented to the site visit procedure via a conference call.
  • Site visits will occur within three to six months after new leaders are trained.
  • The Chapter gives leaders a few days notice prior to the site visit.
  • Once classes are up and running, no site visits occur unless someone calls with a problem.
  • The Chapter also conducts site visits for new facilities hosting programs.
  • After a site visit, there is follow-up with leader (phone or face-to-face meeting) and the leader gets a copy of the site visit checklist unless there was a real breach in policy, then the Chapter would involve the facility.


ContactPeggy Lotkowitz/AF New Jersey Chapter/732-819-8938



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