Become an Arthritis Ambassador or Advocate!

As an Arthritis Foundation Ambassador or advocate you will play an integral part in addressing arthritis issues with your senators and legislators.  You will have the opportunity to represent our organization in various events and/or media interviews, educating and inspiring the general public by sharing your personal stories. You can help us cultivate and retain relationships with individuals interested in our mission to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases.

To find out who your local elected officials are click here and input your zip code.

What's "grassroots advocacy" and why should I get involved?

Grassroots advocacy is individuals committed to influencing positive changes in their lives, their communities and in their elected governments by making their personal stories and opinions known. Getting involved means calling, writing a letter, sending an email, or even visiting your elected representatives who serve you in Washington, DC, and in your state. 

For more information on becoming an Arthritis Ambassador or Advocate, contact us at 214-826-4361.

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