Become a Certified Arthritis Program Instructor in September

Tai Chi Instructor Studies show that physical activity offers many benefits for those suffering from arthritis: decreased pain, improved quality of life, independence, physical functioning (aerobic capacity and muscle strength) and improved mood. Become an instructor of an Arthritis Foundation program like Tai Chi, Aquatics or Exercise and help those living with the nation’s number one disability. 

The following certfiication programs are now being offered in Houston, Texas. Click the links below for complete details.

Acquatics Program Instructor Training

Exercise Program Instructor Training

ABC Good Morning America: Not Even 2, Girl With Juvenile Arthritis Struggles to Walk

Please view this powerful story on featuring two Arthritis Walk JA Families, the Pruden family from Arizona and the Shultz family from South Carolina (formerly of Seattle). The families share the daily struggles their toddlers face and in the process help remind us of why we walk. Arthritis Foundation South Central Region Adds New VP’s

Kim BaldelliThe South Central Region of the Arthritis Foundation has just added two new vice presidents to their team.

Karla Baldelli Former American Heart Association National director of Philanthropic Giving Society Karla Baldelli has been named the Arthritis Foundation SCR’s Senior Vice President of Development. Her position is new “for the region with a primary focus to significantly expand revenue development efforts and increase overall results.”

Decobia (Cobi) Gray The other new exec is Decobia (“Cobi”) Gray, who will be Regional Vice President of External Relations. Formerly executive director of the strategic fundraising consulting firm CCS, she will “oversee the grants and giving, as well as the marketing and communications functions of the South Central Region.”

According to Arthritis Foundation SCR CEO Susan Carter, “To meet the increasing needs of the people we serve in our region, and to position our organization for growth and sustainability to address those needs, it was imperative that we hire the best and the brightest in mission delivery and fundraising. Karla and Cobi’s extensive background in the non-profit sector and their expertise in fundraising and donor communications will be catalytic in our ability to provide support to those living with arthritis.”

Read the full story at here.

Take Action For a World Free of Arthritis Pain

San Antonio JBR HeroIt's hard to believe there are families whose only wish is for their young child, adolescent, mother or father, sister or brother to wake up without the debilitating pain of arthritis. Whether it’s juvenile arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, or one of the other hundred forms of arthritis, people are living in pain.

We desperately need your help now. Like so many nonprofit organizations in this economy, contributions have declined, which has severely impacted our ability to address the increasing needs of people suffering from arthritis in communities throughout the South Central Region. 

Please donate here so that we can continue to provide: 

  • Life-altering programs to teach people how to minimize and manage their pain
  • Camps for kids with arthritis to learn how to live life without feeling different 
  • Parent support networks addressing issues unique to raising a chronically ill child
  • Resources and navigation services for newly diagnosed patients frozen in fear
  • Ensuring everyone diagnosed has access to care and proper medication 
  • Research investments to prevent, control and cure pain and disfigurement from arthritis
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