Arthritis Foundation Prescription Drug Assistance Guide
The Arthritis Foundation South Central Region created the Prescription Drug Assistance Guide to give patients and caregivers information about:

- Prescription drug assistance programs

- Foundations that provide co-pay assistance for medications

- Clinical trials

- Tips for appealing a prescription drug denial

- Discount prescription cards

- Programs offered by pharmacies

- Low cost clinics.

Pharmaceutical companies want you to use their products.  Most companies provide reimbursement assistance for patients with prescription drug insurance coverage, co-payment assistance for some patients and free medications for uninsured pre-qualified patients.  In addition, there are other avenues for obtaining financial assistance for prescription medications.




This guide was created through the aid of a grant.  We must report certain information to the grant sponsor in order to meet the grant requirements.  We will be following up with anyone who requests a guide in six months to determine if you applied for and received any assistance.  The information we gather will be used internally for statistical reporting, no names or identifying information will be shared or divulged.

The guide is FREE.  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Arthritis Foundation, you will be given the opportunity during the guide request process.  We appreciate your support of our mission.

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