As a service for you, the Arthritis Foundation, Southeast Region makes this list available to help you seek the assistance of a doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and related diseases.

The physicians included in this list have advised us that they are licensed under state law and satisfy our established criteria in order to be listed. We are not able to evaluate the professional qualifications and competence of individual physicians included on this list, and this should not be a representation by the Arthritis Foundation, Southeast Region concerning that physician’s competence or qualifications.

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Annette M. Abril, MDRheumatologistKingsportTN
R. Franklin Adams M.D.RheumatologistMemphisTN
Jacob Aelion, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonTN
M. Farooq Ali, M.D.RheumatologistHendersonvilleTN
Charles R Arkin, M.D.RheumatologistCordovaTN
Morteza Azimian, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Marvin R BeardRheumatologistAlcoaTN
William M. Bell, MDRheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Jeffry Bieber, M.D.RheumatologistKingsportTN
M. David Boatright, M.D.RheumatologistCordovaTN
Chad S. Boomershine, M.D.RheumatologistFranklinTN
Richard W Brackett, M.D.RheumatologistChattanoogaTN
Michael L. Brit, MDRheumatologistChattanooga TN
Monica Brown, DOPediatric RheumatologistMemphisTN
James L. Burns, MDRheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Victor M. Byrd, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Robert Capps, MDRheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Laura Carbone, M.D.RheumatologistMemphisTN
Cathy Chapman, M.D.RheumatologistMemphisTN
Sallaya D. Chinratanalab, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Marvin H Cohn, M.D.RheumatologistMadisonTN
William D Craig, D.O.RheumatologistHixsonTN
Leslie A. Cuevas, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Nimesh A. Dayal, MBBCh, MRCP, MScRheumatologistJacksonTN
Glenn C Douglas, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Charles Durand, M.D.RheumatologistMaryvilleTN
Raymond J Enzenauer, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.R.RheumatologistChattanoogaTN
Barbara Folsom, N.P.RheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Howard A Fuchs, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Sudha N. Ganguli, M.D.RheumatologistGermantownTN
Stephen G. GelfaudRheumatologistCookevilleTN
James E. Gore, M.D.RheumatologistFranklinTN
Marcin T Gornisiewicz, MDRheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Thomas B. Graham, M.D., MSPediatric RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Ramesh C. Gupta, M.D.RheumatologistMemphisTN
Cara L. Hammonds, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Hugh T. Holt, M.D.RheumatologistCordovaTN
Susan E. House, MDRheumatologistHixsonTN
Joseph E Huffstutter, M.D., F.A.C.P.RheumatologistHixsonTN
Donna S. Hummell, M.D.Pediatric RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Joseph W Huston, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Sivalingam Kanagasegar, M.D.RheumatologistCrossvilleTN
Gary Klipple, MDRheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Susan F. Kroop, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Robert Lagrone, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Elizabeth Lyons, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Howard W. Marker, M.D.RheumatologistMemphisTN
Marvin P Meadors, III M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Yamini Menon, M.D.RheumatologistGermantownTN
Richard MisischiaRheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Christopher R. MorrisRheumatologistKingsportTN
Linda K. Myers, M.D.Pediatric RheumatologistMemphisTN
Kevin J Myers, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Satish K. Odhav, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonTN
Michelle J. Ormseth, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Marcus Owen, MD FACRRheumatologistMurfreesboroTN
Christy C. Park, MDRheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Debendra N. Pattanaik, M.D.RheumatologistMemphisTN
John G. Paty, Jr., M.D.RheumatologistHixsonTN
John G Paty, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.P.RheumatologistChattanoogaTN
Asim Razzaq, M.D.RheumatologistMurfreesboroTN
Sujana K. Reddy, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Christian J. Rhea, D.O.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Emilio J RodriguezRheumatologistColumbiaTN
Emilio J. Rodriguez, M.D.RheumatologistColumbia TN
Jeffrey S Scheib, M.D. FACO FACRRheumatologistAlcoaTN
Indravadan K Shah, M.D.RheumatologistChattanoogaTN
Charles W Sienknecht, M.D., F.A.C.P.RheumatologistHixsonTN
Elizabeth M. Simpson, DORheumatologistHixsonTN
Kenny R Sizemore, M.D.RheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Poonam Somai, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Eli SteigelfestRheumatologistFranklinTN
Eli Steigelfest, M.D.RheumatologistFranklinTN
Bobo Tanner, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Alexander S. Townes, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Elizabeth L. S Turner, M.D.RheumatologistChattanoogaTN
Jay Warrick, M.D.RheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Michael K. Watterson, M.D.RheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Paul W. Wheeler, M.D.RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Donna Winn, M.D.RheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
J. Frederick Wolfe, M.D.RheumatologistKnoxvilleTN
Amy L. Woodward, M.D., MPHPediatric RheumatologistNashvilleTN
Song Zang, MDRheumatologistKingsportTN
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