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Arthritis isn’t just an older person’s disease. In fact, 6,000 kids in Colorado have it and nationally, it’s the most common cause of disability among people 15 years old and older. Even more unbelievable, 819,000 Coloradoans or 24 percent of the state’s population have arthritis. But it’s not just one disease. There are actually over 100 different forms of arthritis affecting joints, the surrounding tissues and other connective tissues in males and females of all ages. So before you think only grandfathers and grandmothers get arthritis, think again.

Warning Signs of Arthritis:
• Recurring pain and tenderness in one or more joints.
• Inflammation, redness and/or warmth in one or more joints.
• Inability to move joint normally.
• Early morning stiffness.
• Unexplained weight loss, fever, weakness, combined with joint pain.

Early diagnosis is the key to prevent further damage.
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