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StopainĀ® - Topical Pain Relief

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The Stopain® Cold Regular Strength 2.5 oz. Gel, Extra Strength 3 oz. Roll-On, Extra Strength 4 oz. Spray, and Regular Strength 8 oz. Spray received the Ease-of-Use Commendation.

Stopain® products provide you with immediate, penetrating pain relief from arthritis, muscle aches and back pain in a light pleasant scent. The pharmacist recommended formula provides the proven pain relieving benefits of menthol and the extra strength products contain glucosamine and MSM, essential nutrients that support joint health and mobility.

*Extra strength formulas include 8% menthol, glucosamine and MSM

*Works on contact

*Easy to use

*Non-greasy with a light, pleasant scent

*Physician and Pharmacist recommended


Reviewer Comments:

“It’s easy to use… it’s attractive”

“It was easy to remove and put the cap back…”

“It’s a good size – it fits in your hand…”

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